Everyone who knows me, has seen my procrastination reach epic lengths. So my goal for 2018 was to find a working space where I can be lazy and motivated all at the same damn time. So this January I moved in to a new office with a photography studio below. So basically I don't have to leave EVER. Besides that, I share this with 3 creative creatures @Girlonkicks @Hashtagbylilly and @Celmatique. Together we are the Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all Office. We all do different things, but we are all in the same business, so it's very motivating and inspiring to share my office time with fellow female business owners. We help and learn from each other a lot!

We decided to join our forces and just a few months ago, we did our first collaboration together as a collective. 


MADE.COM gave us the chance to rearrange our office with their products. I've been a long time fan of them, so I was excited about this collaboration. 

People who live or have been in Amsterdam know it's pretty tricky to decorate your space, whether it's your house or your working space. The buildings are old, the stairs are steep and no wall or floor is on level. So to Feng Shui a working space with 4 very different women could get interesting. Luckily I scored some interior decorating points as I grew up in a Architectural household (both parents are Architects). So I sketched out the space and together we redecorated what we now call our new office. 

Two very important things have changed. The first one is, I can be a neat-freak. My @gironkicks aka Sanne Poeze, is my ultimate goal when it comes to tidiness, but I'll get there. So it was VERY important for us that all our stuff (and there's a lot of it) is cleaned up and behind doors. So the cabinets were an absolute gift from heaven.

The second change, is the image. Before the redecoration the office was very formal and only had desks. Because we added a couch, it feels way more homey and a space you can life in and read a book.

And guess what my favorite place is? Yup, GERTIE the velours couch.  Here I can do my e-mails, or view a briefing when I'm too lazy to sit behind my desk..or Netflix a bitt and take a little nap (this happens a too much obvs..)

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